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Age:1-3 years
Colour:White & Black
Time on PetMatch:4 weeks
Country of Origin:Ireland


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2 year old China is suitable to live in a home with children 13 +

China came into our care after she was found as a stray. She was underweight and her her coat was very dull. She was nervous and a little overwhelmed at all the goings on around her. We did manage to contact her owners thanks to her microchip, unfortunately they were not in a position to care for her and asked if we could help find her a new loving home. They didn’t make this decision lightly as they really loved China but trusted us and were so happy that she had been found. We were more then happy to help China find a second chance of happiness.

China is a stunning girl. Her coat looks amazing now and she’s having a great time playing with all her new furry friends. She’s a favourite with our vets and has been a very good girl on all her visits to them. She is going to make a really wonderful pet. There is a lot of grooming involved with owning a husky and her new family will need dedicate time to keeping her coat in good condition. Husky’s are a high energy breed and really do need an active family. Training would help China settle into her new home. She could potentially live with another dog pending a dog meet.

Winter is...

Dog friendly

People friendly

The type of home Winter is looking for...

Fully secure garden

No cats

No children < 12
Charity Number: 20001735
Supply of Pets Registration Number:

Adoption Fee: The adoption fee for a dog is €185 and the adoption fee for a cat is €99. This includes: Microchipping - Your pet will be microchipped and the microchip will be registered Neutering - Your pet will be neutered Flea and worming - Your pet will be up to date with flea and worming treatments Vaccinations - Your pet will receive its’ primary vaccinations

Adoption Process:

Dog Adoption Process:

  • Register your interest for a dog and then visit the shelter to chat with a member of the adoptions team.
  • If you applied for a specific dog and your application is successful an adoption consultant will discuss in more detail with you on your visit to the shelter. If you have an existing dog an appointment will be made for a dog meet.
  • Once your application is processed and approved a foster period may be arranged with you to take the dog home for a weeks trial. Photo ID, proof of address is required for this along with a refundable reservation donation.
  • When the foster week is complete you must attend an adoption meeting with a member of the adoptions team. They are held on set days and by appointment only.

Cat Adoption Process:

  • Register your interest for a cat you’d like to adopt. If your application is successful an adoption consultant will call you.
  • An appointment will be arranged for you to complete the adoption process.

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