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Breed:Border Collie
Age:>5 years
Colour:Black & White
Time on PetMatch:1 month
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Ness

7 year old Ness is suited to live with children 16+

This sweet little lady is Ness. She came into the shelter in a terrible state. She had a severe case of mange and she was very down. Her skin was sore and hot to touch. Throughout her time with us and despite being in pain she has always been so sweet and gentle. All she wanted was cuddles and someone to be kind to her. After all she’s has been through she deserves to be happy in a loving home with a loving family.

We can’t change what happened to Ness or what she has been through but we can make sure that her future in full of love and happiness. Ness still has a bit of Alopecia and her hair is still growing back but this doesn’t stop her being so beautiful. Could you offer the happy future that she so deserves and make her dreams come true?

Ness is...

Dog friendly

People friendly

The type of home Ness is looking for...

Fully secure garden

No children < 12
Charity Number: 20001735
Supply of Pets Registration Number:

Adoption Fee: The adoption fee for a dog is €185 and the adoption fee for a cat is €99. This includes: Microchipping - Your pet will be microchipped and the microchip will be registered Neutering - Your pet will be neutered Flea and worming - Your pet will be up to date with flea and worming treatments Vaccinations - Your pet will receive its’ primary vaccinations

Adoption Process:

Dog Adoption Process:

  • Register your interest for a dog and then visit the shelter to chat with a member of the adoptions team.
  • If you applied for a specific dog and your application is successful an adoption consultant will discuss in more detail with you on your visit to the shelter. If you have an existing dog an appointment will be made for a dog meet.
  • Once your application is processed and approved a foster period may be arranged with you to take the dog home for a weeks trial. Photo ID, proof of address is required for this along with a refundable reservation donation.
  • When the foster week is complete you must attend an adoption meeting with a member of the adoptions team. They are held on set days and by appointment only.

Cat Adoption Process:

  • Register your interest for a cat you’d like to adopt. If your application is successful an adoption consultant will call you.
  • An appointment will be arranged for you to complete the adoption process.

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