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Name:Mimi & Roxie
Breed:Siberian Husky
Age:3-5 years
Colour:Black & White
Rescue:Husky Rescue Ireland
Time on PetMatch:5 months
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Mimi & Roxie

This beautiful pair of Sweethearts urgently need their new home as soon as possible and if you love your huskies, you’ll love them, just look how happy they are in each other’s company.🥰
They are very friendly, full of affection and adore giving kisses and hugs.💋
They are only 3 years old and they need their new home together with an experienced husky owner/family. They will have to be only pets in the home or if the right male met them, that might work too.🤞 They haven’t any cat experience.
Mimi is a fun loving sweetheart who loves her food and cuddles, she always wants to get to things first and knows how to get Roxie to do what she wants.❤
Roxie is more active and loves giving kisses and getting belly rubs.❤️
If you have husky experience, apply for these girls, they will bring joy and fun back into your life on the double.💕

Mimi & Roxie is...


Child friendly

People friendly

The type of home Mimi & Roxie is looking for...

Fully secure garden

No other dogs
Husky Rescue Ireland
Charity Number: 20150983
Supply of Pets Registration Number: 20150983

Adoption Fee: €200

Adoption Process:

1. We will send you an adoption application form to complete.

2. You must be 18 or over to apply for adoption.

3. If all the information looks positive, we will organise a homecheck.

4. You need to have a secure garden – fully fenced with a minimum of 6ft fence/wall all around (5ft for an Akita), with nothing around the perimeter that the dogs can catapult off.
If you don’t have a secure garden, a purpose built dog pen of good size, attached to your house, is an alternate solution.

5. If you have any other pets, they need to be neutered/spayed.

6. Sleeping quarters – they need to live indoors with their family.

7. They require exercise daily – 1 to 2 hrs.

8. They can’t be left alone for long periods – 2 to 4 hours max.

9. No electric collars to be used ever! They are not to be tied up on long leads or wire outside and no electric fences in the garden.

10. If applying for a husky, they are never to be let off lead – they have a high prey drive and will not come back!

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