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Breed:Border Collie
Rescue:HART – Homeless Animal Rescue Team
Time on PetMatch:4 weeks
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Milan

Milan’s pictures are enough for everyone to fall in love with him but please read his requirements.
Milan is a small collie, possibly sheltie in his mix, he is approximately a year old. Milan came from the pound at the start of the year and was nervous, he has really come on leaps and bounds in a short time. He can still be nervous but there is no aggression whatsoever, and after a very short time all he wants is to be center of your affection.
Milan gets on with all dogs he has met but as he is such an attention seeker he would need to live with a dog that does not mind him pushing in to get the attention.
Milan can live in a busy area albeit he is nervous of traffic for the first few minutes, he will walk along no bother after that. Milan has a habit of trying to jump walls whilst walking, a new owner would need to be mindful of this and he would need 6 foot walls in his new home. Milan does mark everywhere on walks and will mark in a new home but that will stop once he knows it is his home.
Milan has been washed and there was no reaction, just unsure of all the noises, he was also groomed and he loved that. He does have a long coat which needs regular brushing otherwise it will matt.
We advise children of 8 plus only because he is a bit nervous and too much noise could upset him, plus we have no history of how he would be living with children and we are airing on the side of caution.
Milan is a beautiful looking boy, full of affection, he recognises a whistle sound to call him back in the garden and we feel he will be easily trained but would not leave him off lead in public until a new owner is sure of his recall.
He travels well in a car other than he will dribble but in time he should get used to a car. There are cats at the kennels and he does react to them, whilst out walking he does not react to cats.
Milan is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated including KC, worm and flea treated.
Home visit and adoption fee apply.
Unique Registration ID: DPT200002C

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Fully secure garden

HART – Homeless Animal Rescue Team
Charity Number: 22012
Supply of Pets Registration Number: DPT200002C

Adoption Fee: €180 - Adult dog / €100 - Puppy / €75 - Cat

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