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Name:Tyler, Thelma, Louise
Age:4 mnths
Time on PetMatch:2 months
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Tyler, Thelma, Louise

Louise, Tyler and Thelma are THE Detectives you need!

These three furry friends need a home, and have so much love to give! Louise, the gorgeous calico, carries an air of suspicion and courage. She prowls through the household like the detective she is. Her curiosity knows no bounds; when something piques it, you know she’s diving headfirst into the mysteriously hidden treats and toys of the household. She transforms into an astute investigator, and her investigations are nothing short of admirable.

In purrfect contrast, Thelma, the gentle golden tabby fluffball, plays the role of the loving sidekick. She is the emotional anchor of the pair, offering warmth and affection to balance out Louise’s relentless pursuit of curiosity. At first, she may appear shy, freezing in place when lifted due to nervousness, but it doesn’t take long for her to melt into a purring bundle of cuddles and comfort. Once nestled in your arms, she becomes so relaxed and content that you’ll never want to move!

If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine a kitten, you’d probably be imagining something uncannily close to Tyler. She has all the great traits of a tabby and white kitten that make them so famous (and lovable). The most curious of her litter, she has a sense of adventure that can’t be satisfied and will always be seeking a new mission. When she’s found something interesting or has a question, she will have no hesitation in following you around, meowing to tell you all about it. Tyler is super friendly, she loves human company and her cuddles, and if you cuddle her back you’ll get to hear her lovely purr!

Together, they form an inseparable team of detectives, albeit with fur. They’re open to expanding their investigative squad if there are other detectives (older kids) in the house.. They don’t mind venturing outdoors if that’s where the mysteries lead them, but they’ll always return indoors to ponder what they’ve uncovered during the day. Thelma also ensures to accompany Louise and Attlee and ensures that their adventures never stray too far into the unknown. Be warned, they not only solve mysteries but will steal your hearts with every adventure they embark on.

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
Child-friendly (Older Kids)
Indoor / Outdoor

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No children < 12
Dublin Charity Number: CHY 7948
Supply of Pets Registration Number: FPT200025C

Adoption Fee: 220

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