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Name:Stormy and Callie
Age:4 mnths
Colour:Tortoiseshell - ORANGE REAR (R) PAW
Time on PetMatch:1 month
Country of Origin:Ireland


More about Stormy and Callie

Meet charming Callie and sassy Stormy! If their rough and tumble routine doesn’t win you over, the way they curl up together is sure to melt your heart!

Callie is a lot like her lovely tabby coat, simple and sensible. She has to fully assess new things and make sure she has all the facts before she’s able to relax. She’s still getting the hang of being around people, so would need a patient human to give her space and time to adjust.

Stormy is a lot braver, a kitty as wild as her tortoiseshell fur! She’s definitely the ringleader of their tiny kitten gang; she’s the first one out when it’s time to play and has much more confidence dealing with people. She loves to relax by stretching out her long legs and will follow her foster around when she knows it’s time for food or treats!

As you can see, these two balance each other out perfectly and they happen to already be the best of friends! Callie is a lot calmer when she has Stormy around to comfort her, and both kitties will accept gentle pets but don’t like to be picked up yet. They have a very special bond so need a home they can live in together. If you can offer these BFFs a loving home, apply to adopt today!

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No children < 12

Suitable for apartment living
Dublin Charity Number: CHY 7948
Supply of Pets Registration Number: FPT200025C

Adoption Fee: 220

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