Meet Figaro! This sweet kitty could be straight from a Disney movie!

He’s an expressive cat, and you’ll get to know his language in no time. He shows affection with gentle headbutts, and sometimes he paws the air when he’s happy.

When it’s playtime, Fig will be vocal in letting you know. His inner kitten shines through whenever he sees a toy!

Figaro spent the first few years of his life living as a feral cat when all he wanted was a human to love. He needs a human who will help him overcome his initial fear of change, so he can let loose his loving self. Once comfortable, Fig will happily sit on your lap, rubbing his head lovingly on his human to show his gratitude.

Fig suffered from a bad case of cat flu for a long time before CDPA was able to rescue him. As a result, he now makes little snorting sounds when he breathes due to damage to his nasal airways. Although Fig is all better, our vets say that he will always sound a little bit like Darth Vadar!

Fig is a gentle soul with a big heart, and he really wants a human to bond and cuddle with. However, he might need a little time to gain that trust with a new person.

Apply to be Figaro’s human today!

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
* Indoor only
* Would like a kitty friend
* No children, he frightens easily

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